Photo by Nicole King on Unsplash

There is something special in the water that calms and clears my mind. Whether it is a lake, waterfall, river or sea, it does not matter. The effect is the same.

I am mesmerised as I gaze at its astonishing power whilst it,





Humans, animals and living things on earth.

Faith, hope and love are the pillars of our existence, and just like water, humans will not last without them.

When was the last time the sight of water with its invisible source gave you peace and tranquillity?



Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Millionaires or beggars in the street.
Those who live in huge mansions or homeless.
Extravagant lifestyle or basic hand to mouth.
Someone who has all the qualifications in this world or one who can’t read nor write.
You will call yourself fortunate if you are on the better side. Nevertheless, what makes us all equal, is simply because of one thing: Death.
Everyone will have to pass through this bridge. No one is immortal, and no one is exempted. Nor can you have an extension. At the end of our journey, our footprint of deeds will what count most.