The Joy of Travelling

Vinia Majaba
2 min readMay 10


Photo by Ryan Spencer on Unsplash

What is more thrilling than getting ready for a trip, hopping on a plane, and flying off to a foreign country? You leave behind your routine and worries, and you start an adventure. You face the challenge of the unknown and travel to grow, connect, and see the world with fresh eyes and learn from diverse ways of living. TRAVEL means “Treasuring Rare And Vivid Experiences of Life.”

I experienced this amazing feeling when I went to Spain with my sister a few days ago for a mini vacation. As soon as we arrived, the sun welcomed us with its golden rays, making us feel alive and happy. Our holiday had started.

We enjoyed delicious food during our stay, from crispy tapas and sweet churros to aromatic paella that delighted our taste buds. We also tasted superb Spanish wines, relaxed on the beach, and watched the world go by. We befriended lively people who love life!

I felt like a new person when I returned home because I had seen so much in such a short time. Travelling does wonders for us, no matter how far we go. It lifts our spirits and energises us. It makes us grateful for what we have and what we can learn from others. It makes us more alive than ever and more curious than before. Don’t you agree? When will you treat yourself to your next well-deserved break? And can I join you?

Finally, as the wise saying goes, “We don’t wander to escape from life, but to prevent life from escaping from us.”