“Babies Cry For It, Soldiers Die For It!”

We’ve all come across this saying. But what does it really mean? We know that babies cry when they are hungry, dirty, tired, want to be cuddled, have stomach-ache or feel unwell. That’s it! They just want our attention so that we can tend to their needs, whatever they may be.

With the second part of the saying, soldiers sacrifice their lives for their country and die for something they believe in. We recognise them. Gone but will never be forgotten.

We all want to be recognised. It is a human nature. When you know that you have done the things that your boss is asking you to do and they say “well done and thanks for meeting the deadline!”, you get a pat on the back. You feel good about yourself, right? It boosts your morale. What a great feeling that is! But guess what? You want to be able to deliver again next time because it means a lot when someone acknowledges the good things that you have done. Recognition.

Do We Do It With Our Family or Ourselves?

Tricky one, isn’t it? Sometimes, it can be taken for granted. We just have to open our eyes so that we won’t miss it when a member of our family has done something that is worth acknowledging for. It doesn’t have to be a grand thing though. It could be simple things like “thanks for taking the initiative to bring in the laundry before it rains.” Or, “well done son for remaining calm when you were at the dentist!”. Perhaps even something like, “I have noticed you have already done the hoovering without being reminded. Good job!”. Maybe it could be “thanks hubby for your offer to drive me to my sister’s house.” Things like that.

We Should Also Acknowledge Our Own Efforts and Accomplishments

Yes, you can also pat yourself on your back! Not just others. You can of course do it discreetly so that no one will notice. What happens when you also acknowledge your own achievements? Your self-esteem increases and you feel good about yourself! It also improves your self-confidence.

In a nutshell, being recognised for work done well — increases motivation, self-worth and productivity.

Originally published at on June 19, 2020.



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