My Heart Is Talking

Photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha on Unsplash

Let me face my fears head-on so that my inner light and power shine.

When I choose to see the beauty of something, no matter how unpleasant it is, it makes me stronger than I am.

As nothing is permanent, so is the sadness in my heart. Joy will soon replace it.

My challenges will lead me to the path of strength.

When I open my heart wide, I see the goodness in others.

The words that I utter emanate from my heart and echo send them back to me.

My heart says, “let your smile be your best ornament. It brings sunshine to others.”

My grateful heart counting the blessings I have, no matter how small, prompts others to remember theirs.

I can look within my soul to discover a passion I can cherish.

My heart is the temple of love, kindness, and justice.

When my heart overflows with love, it renews those around me.

Without love, everything will perish.

Deeply buried in my heart is a tiny seed. It will become bigger and occupy that space. The growth of it will depend on how much I nurture it. Let that be love and not hatred.

Living without love is not living.

My existence is extended by the love I give.

My heart says, “Give love. That’s the most priceless gift you can ever give to everyone.”

The stillness in me helps my soul breathe.

My heart is talking; let my soul listen.




Addicted to Personal Development. Mother. Author.!/book

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Vinia Majaba

Vinia Majaba

Addicted to Personal Development. Mother. Author.!/book

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