How Do You Talk To Yourself?

You have two options: you can be negative or positive. Make sure it’s the latter!

What can we control?

There is one important thing that is within our control — the space within our minds. We must develop the ability to look after our mental well-being, either through physical practices or in being mindful of our outlook. Eat and sleep well, exercise and meditate, think positive thoughts and refrain from absorbing negativity from your surrounding environment! What we see on the news can especially affect our mental state. We already know what is happening in the world! Why must we constantly remind ourselves? When there’s garbage in the mind, throw it out! Only allow space in your mind for good things. Ultimately, it is you who decides whether the thoughts you have are worth letting in or require shutting out. Never forget that you are the gatekeeper to your own mind. And more than this, realise that in looking after yourself, you will gain the ability to help others.

Positive vs Negative self-talk

We talk to ourselves ALL THE TIME without even realising it. These voices are silent, often asking ourselves, “Should I do this or that?”. But do we pay attention to the way in which we do so?

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