Fight Like A Warrior

What is it like in the arena of life to be a warrior?

Photo by Totte Annerbrink on Unsplash

What a good warrior is made of

He is armed with a strong self-belief and a firm determination to succeed.

He takes ownership of his actions and doesn’t blame others when something goes wrong.

He accepts his shortcomings, learns from his failures, and forgives himself.

He knows when to silence his mind and wisely select the power of choice.

He believes in one omnipotent creator and will treat all human beings the way he wants.

He knows how to forgive others’ mistakes, and he learns from the event not to let it happen again.

He knows how to distinguish between constructive and destructive criticism. He works on the former to better himself, his doings, and his relationships with others.

He asks himself the question: am I better today than yesterday? Comparison is within himself and not with others.

He does not look back and keeps moving forward. He will only look back if someone needs help and is left behind.

When life kicks him hard, and if he stumbles and falls on the ground, he picks himself up as he knows that defeat is not final, as long as he has not surrendered.

The more wounded he is, the greater his resilience and the more powerful his spirit!



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