Vinia Majaba
1 min readDec 10, 2022
Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Do you have one? If so, what is it? It differs from person to person. That’s great; otherwise, can you imagine if everyone goes after the same thing? What good will that do?

To some people, it means shopping, going to the gym, having a spa treatment, a weekend getaway, a walk in the woods, reading your favourite book, writing a journal, playing a musical instrument, watching good films, meditating, listening to relaxing music, or simply watching the world go by whilst drinking coffee in a cafeteria and enjoying your own company.

Just a short and worthwhile diversion, and it doesn’t have to be grand. A break from the daily grind. It charges one’s batteries, giving you a different perspective — a breathing space. Timing is crucial. You have to know when before you say, “That’s it! I have had enough!”

Once it is over, whatever it is, and you have gained the benefit…

you are ready to face the world again.