Embracing Now

Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash

Now is the only thing that is definite and in front of our eyes. It is wise to prepare for the future, but we can’t yet see it.

Now is the time to charge our batteries by doing something we love to soothe our souls to bounce back from the daily grind.

Now is the time to release all the burdens, pains, and regrets of yesterday’s blunders and tomorrow’s uncertainties. The outcome is a tranquil mind and a peaceful heart.

Now is what we have got. Let’s embrace it with all our might!

Now is when we have the power to improve the situation that we are in as it is taking place right now.

Now is the time to show our loved ones our deep love and gratitude for having them in our lives. Why leave it until tomorrow? One life. Yes, several chances, but no one can predict the future. Why not NOW?

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