Capturing or enjoying the moment

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

One evening straight after work, I decided to see the beauty of the city by river bus. Sometimes you have to do something spontaneous. It is more exciting. There are times that you make plans, and then life teases you that they go out of the window.

I joined the queue, paid for my ticket, and boarded the boat. As we passed through the city’s impressive historic buildings, most of my fellow passengers began taking photographs. Some even moved towards the front of the boat to get better photos. More people followed. I took my phone out of my bag and started doing the same. After taking three shots, something suddenly occurred: for what am I here? I was so preoccupied with taking pictures that I would be missing the opportunity to savour the moment in the process. I then stopped following the crowd. I put my phone away and focused on admiring the scenery instead. I was delighted I did because I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the experience simply because I shifted my attention from capturing to enjoying the moment.



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