Vinia Majaba
3 min readSep 3, 2023


Are you travelling solo or with a group?

Both have pros and cons, as you know.

Photo by Elizabeth French on Unsplash

When I reflect on my holidays, I'm usually surrounded by family and friends, and I can count the times I've ventured out solo on one hand! So, based on my experiences, let me share the pros and cons of solo travel versus journeying with a bunch of pals.

Travelling with a Group - The Positives

You know the old saying, "The more, the merrier!" Having company makes every adventure a blast because you’ve got someone to share those incredible moments with. Picture stumbling upon a fantastic meal – having a buddy to chat about it makes it all the more enjoyable. Besides, when you need to dash to the restroom, you can leave your belongings behind without worry. There’s always a friend to watch your stuff, and you have a support team when things take an unexpected turn.

Travelling with a Group - The Drawbacks

But here's the catch: everyone in the group usually wants to do their own thing. Trying to agree on an itinerary can sometimes feel like solving a complex puzzle. And there's that waiting game – either you're waiting for others to catch up, or you're the one who needs to share your whereabouts so the group can stay together.

Solo Travelling - The Positives

Now, let’s switch gears and talk about solo adventures. It’s all about calling the shots. Your decisions are law, and you’ve got complete freedom. No waiting around, no following the crowd – it’s all about you and your unique journey. One additional benefit is that travelling solo allows you to interact with people of different nationalities, which can greatly improve your people skills and confidence. Engaging in conversations with strangers from diverse backgrounds enriches your experiences and broadens your horizons.

Solo Travelling - The Negatives

But, on the flip side, it can get lonely out there. You miss out on those spontaneous moments when something hilarious unfolds, and you want to share a laugh. Plus, there's no one to swap stories with about how mind-blowingly awesome the place, experience, or cuisine is. You might find yourself glued to your phone, and you're the one playing security guard for your belongings around the clock.

In Conclusion

In the grand scheme of things, life always serves up two sides to the coin. The crucial part is to savour your choice, whether flying solo or with your crew, even if a few bumps come your way. Can you imagine if all of us have the same tales? That would be boring, and we wouldn’t have anything to talk about. If you catch yourself daydreaming about the other option, it’s a sign that you’re not fully immersed in the moment. Remember, life is all about relishing the experiences, whether you’re going it alone or making memories with your favourite people. Everyone’s travel experience is, of course, different!

Thanks for reading and happy travelling! 😊