A Simple Life

Photo by Rendy Novantino on Unsplash

There was no fancy school dinner; we had boiled rice and fried egg prepared by my beloved grandma’s old, wrinkled hands at 5 am.

No running tap water. We had fetched water from the well.

No electricity. We used a kerosene lamp or candle to do our homework at night.

No computers or emails. Just a friendly postman from the town delivering letters by hand in the village.

No rushing around. You had the time to smile and talk to your neighbours.

No mobile phones, Xbox, or iPad. Children happily ran after each other, climbed trees, or swam in the river.

There were no modern gadgets. We had a tiny transistor radio and music to enlighten our spirits.

No cinemas. Just playing the guitar and singing songs at the weekends.

No coloured television. Merely looking and admiring the beautiful stars and shining moon at night.

No richness in material things but rich in one thing: family love.

What will the definition of your simple life be?



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